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Patient Financial Services at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, we understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with health issues and billing issues on top of that. We know that your medical bill and insurance details can get confusing. It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Hospital statement
Payment expectations
Charity Care/Financial Assistance

Hospital Statement

Hospital bills are based on the type and complexity of the care you received. The amount you owe may include insurance deductibles, non-covered services or items, co-payments, co-insurance or, in appropriate cases, balances due after insurance has paid on a charge. Click here for a sample bill.

Besides your bill, we will provide additional relevant documentation, when appropriate, to help process your claim for the correct benefit.

We will file a claim with your insurance carrier, if applicable. For certain types of insurance coverage, if there is a balance due after your insurance company has processed your claim, or if you do not have insurance, we will mail a statement like the sample bill referenced above that shows the balance due after insurance payments. We will not bill you for such balances unless permitted under your health plan and applicable law.

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Payment Expectations

Account balances are to be paid 21 days from the statement date. If you are unable to pay in full by that date, you should contact our Patient Business Representatives to make payment arrangements.

If you feel you are unable to pay for all or part of the healthcare you receive from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and think that you may qualify, we encourage you to apply for Charity Care/Financial Aid. Please print, complete and submit the appropriate form following the instructions on the form (from the "Forms" section below) or call 1-866-252-0101 for more information .

Other Fees

In addition to the hospital bill you received, you may receive bills from one or more of these other providers who will bill you independently; their services are not covered by the hospital bill. Examples include:

  • Physician(s) who cared for you while you were a patient at the hospital.
  • The Anesthesiologist if you had a procedure at the hospital that required anesthesia or sedation.
  • The ambulance company if you were brought to the hospital by ambulance.
  • Physicians who you may not have seen but may have provided interpretation services for lab work and x-rays.

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Charity Care Financial Assistance Application Letter- English
Charity Care Financial Assistance Application Letter- Spanish
Charity Care-Financial Aid Application- English
Charity Care-Financial Aid Application- Spanish
Charity Care-Financial Aid Application- Chinese

Once you have printed and filled out any of these forms please submit them in accordance with the directions on the form:

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Financial Assistance


Charity Care Summary - English
Charity Care Summary - Spanish
Charity Care Summary - Chinese

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